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Simply put, it’s the style of training I use in my workouts for the last 10+ years and have used to transform hundreds of thousands of women’s lives worldwide. It’s a science-backed approach using my insights as a trainer and a physio to sculpt, strengthen and shred in as little as 30 minutes a day WITHOUT a gym membership! Here’s how it works…

What is Progressive Overload?
Progressive overload is the cornerstone of effective training, and it's a principle we swear by at Lean with Lilly. Put simply, it's the gradual increase in the intensity, duration, or volume of your workouts over time. By consistently challenging your body and pushing your limits, you'll achieve incredible results and break through plateaus like never before.
Why Progressive Overload Works Wonders? As your body adapts to the demands of your workouts, it becomes more efficient and resilient. However, to continue making progress, you need to keep challenging it. That's where progressive overload steps in, ensuring that your body never gets complacent and continues to evolve. Whether your goal is to build lean muscle, torch body fat, or improve overall performance, this principle is the key to unlocking the door to your success.

A structured workout split is a game-changer in the world of fitness. It's a systematic approach that divides your training routine into specific muscle groups and training modalities on different days. This method allows you to focus on specific muscle groups intensely, giving them adequate time to recover while targeting other areas of your body on alternate days. By doing so, you optimize muscle growth, increase strength, and prevent overtraining, ultimately accelerating your progress towards your fitness goals.

At Lean with Lilly, we take the guesswork out of your fitness journey. Our expert team of trainers has meticulously designed programs that strategically implement hybrid training - that's the whole backbone of the LEAN method. We've carefully curated a diverse range of workouts, from strength training and high-intensity interval training to functional exercises, with lots of pilates. Each workout is thoughtfully structured to keep challenging your body in new and exciting ways!

These LEAN MEMBERS results say EVERYTHING...

Simone, Germany 22

Hi, I am Simone 22 years old and a huge Lilly fan about a year and three months ago. I became aware of Lilly through YouTube and got addicted to her Pilates workouts and after a year and a half I decided by membership for the LEAN app. I made the best investment of my life because of the huge selection of delicious and also easy recipes in the app I quickly learned what it really means to eat healthily. The LEAN method completely changed my life before I started the method I felt ugly thick and just not good enough. I was ashamed of my body in front of others but after the eight week challenge. I can now say that, I feel more comfortable in my body than ever, before I feel stronger, more confident, finally I started to like my body after 56 days. I’m a little proud of myself for pushing through are not giving up, I mostly died during the workouts! It was very intense and exhausting but definitely worth the Sweat. I loved it.

Jackie, United States 34

I discovered Lilly during the pandemic in 2020 I loved her style and her passion for what she was doing, along with her compassion for people in the LEAN community she’s made. When talk of the app came about. I was interested in purchasing. It was a no brainer for me and I’m not an app purchaser and boy did she deliver. It is everything she said it would be. I’ve loved every single guide and every challenge as of all the trainers she has had join the Familia to keep us goal orientated and focused on progression. I’ve never been confident and happy with my body and I still have quite a way to go but these women in the LEAN app has made me feel so empowered. I do not see the difference because we are own worst critics, but I certainly feel the difference and I love it please don’t hesitate to join this team. You won’t regret feeling like your best self

Dalia, Croatia 24

I started exercising in 2021 because my mental health was bad and I wasn’t in a good shape. Then I found Lilly on YouTube and I started working out with her, I enjoyed her energy and the way she motivated me through the workouts. And that’s the reason why I stayed consistent when LEAN app launched. I was amazed at how many workout variations it had. This motivated me even more to exercise because I was enjoying it so much! what I love most about the app is diverse guides I can choose my workouts based on how I was feeling on certain days. Because of my work schedule, I wasn’t consistent with my workout as much as I wish to be, but I showed up every time I tried because it brought me joy and the feeling post workout was incredible. I took longer break sometimes, but no matter how hard it was to get back into routine, I always enjoyed going back and working on myself. I’m so happy with the results I got, and most importantly, I learn a lot about myself and how strong, capable and powerful I am!

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Why does the LEAN Method work SO well?

It all comes down to the science. Or as our mantra goes inside the Familia “HOLD, PULSE, BURRRRN!” By combining progressive overload, a structured workout split and a hybrid training model - you’re covering all ground and making progress in every area of your fitness while having a bloomin’ great time doing it. This hybrid model means you’re getting the most output from the least input by focusing purely on workouts that Sculpt, Build Strength & Burn Fat.

Sculpt & Pilates

A low impact Pilates styled way of training, often with added resistance as you become fitter and stronger - to sculpt & tone lean muscle.


Bringing your gym based resistance training to home and getting just as great results.


A mix of high & low impact cardio workouts to get you sweating, improving your cardiovascular health and burning fat.


Over 1000+ hours worth of new workout content: with Over 40+ training guides and workouts for all fitness levels, filter by duration, equipment, style or intensity level

Live follow along workouts, just like YouTube but even better.

Access to our infamous LTM Guides: Personalised Guide recommendations based on your goals and preferences

Access literally 100’s of recipes and meal plans “done-for-you” shopping lists - meal prepping never looked so easy

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