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Fruity Chia Breakfast Bowl

Prep time 15 mins

Leave in the fridge overnight and serve the next morning

Serves 2

So fact of the day about chia seeds and why I love them so much… Not only do they taste delicious, they are one of the richest vegetarian sources of protein. With 4.4g protein per 30g serving, this delicious recipe below will serve you 10g of protein before adding any optional protein powder!

When preparing chia seeds, bare in mind that they expand x4, so they absorb the liquid base over a period of hours to create a thick dessert texture.

This is the perfect, high protein snack pot, dessert, or even breakfast that is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.


100g chia seeds of your choice. I use The Chia Co

400ml almond milk or liquid base of your choice

1      Tbsp vanilla extract or a vanilla pod

2      Tbsp yogurt- I use coconut greek yogurt by Alpro

Flax, Chia seed, Apple & Cinnamon superfood mix by Linwoods

¼ banana

½ kiwi

½ orange

1 handful blueberries

1 handful of strawberries and raspberries for compote

manuka honey

Chia bowl.jpg


1.   Place the chia seeds and yogurt in a container

2.   Add either the beans of a vanilla pod or 1 Tbsp of vanilla extract

3.   Add 2 Tbsp Linwoods superfood mix

4.   Pour in the liquid base and stir well

5.   Close up the container and put it in the fridge overnight, approx. 6-8 hours

6.   Prepare the fruit compote by adding strawberries and raspberries into a pan. Add 1 Tbsp honey and a very small amount of boiling water

7.   Allow to simmer for 5 mins, intermittently stirring and mushing the berries using a wooden spoon or fork

8.   Leave to simmer for a further 10 mins until a soft compote consistency

9.   Allow mixture to cool before placing it in a container in the fridge to be served on top of the chia the next morning


Serve chia pudding with mixed chopped fruit, a spoonful of thick natural greek yogurt and berry compote


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