How to Keep New Year's Fitness Resolutions

Starting your New Year’s fitness resolutions may just be the easy part… It’s keeping them that’s the hardest bit. But fear not, we have you covered with some very useful tips…

1. Make a pros & cons list

    Write down pros of your new year's fitness resolutions - what impact do all your fitness resolutions and goals have on your life? Here are some examples: Workouts put me in a better mood, I will get fitter, exercise makes me feel confident, I can meet new people. And then write down the cons of your resolutions - We’ll wait for you to think of one… The only one we can think of is taking time out of your day, and it’s hardly a con. If you’re taking time out of your day for your health - we only see this as a good thing! Keep this list in your purse so you can pull it out at any time to remind yourself why you started!

    2. Diarize all your training sessions

      This may seem simple, but it’s often overlooked. Scheduling in time to workout is crucial if you’re wanting to stay consistent. Take a few minutes on a Sunday to work out your training schedule for the week and then simply show up for them.

      3. Track your progress

        We recommend signing up to an App with this feature. The LEAN App has a personalized habit tracker and journal so you can track your progress, as well as keep a journal of your feelings and goals throughout the year.

        4. Keep yourself and others accountable

          Don’t keep quiet about your New Year’s fitness resolutions. Tell friends and family members so they can offer support on your journey. You may just find that they share some of the same goals and you can then keep each other accountable all year round.

          5. Reward yourself along the way

            Celebrate all the small successes along the way. Treat yourself to something you enjoy. A facial, massage, a night out with friends or maybe a new workout fit. 

            6. Be kind to yourself

              We know the unexpectedness of life gets in the way of our goals sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we should give up or be hard on ourselves for missing a workout. Sometimes there are legitimate excuses for not being able to spend time training, and that’s okay - we get it. Simply reschedule your training session and be proud that you did it even when life got in the way! 

              7. Don’t give up

                Obsessing over the occasional slip up won’t do you any good, or get you any closer to achieving your fitness resolutions. Take one day at a time, treat yourself with kindness, do your best and never give up! You are worth it!


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